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Hold ticket l Get At $3/INR200

For the purpose of applying for a visa, a hold ticket, also known as a reservation or dummy ticket, is a reservation for a return flight. Because it isn't... Read More

Visa ticket l Get At $3/INR200

Your flight reservation or hold ticket will come with the following: Dates of arrival and departure; complete name; airline name; flight schedule; booking reference Whoa! For roughly INR 350 or... Read More

Block ticket l Get At $3/INR200

Unpaid hold tickets are called block tickets. Another name for a block ticket is a flight reservation, itinerary, or dummy ticket. The whole name of the passenger, the origin and... Read More

Dummy ticket booking l Get At $3/INR200

A flight reservation that isn't meant for actual travel is called a dummy ticket reservation. It serves as a fictitious reservation that can be used for interview purposes, to meet... Read More

Dummy ticket for schengen visa l Get At $3/INR200

It is acceptable to apply for a Schengen visa using a dummy ticket. It's a legitimate and respectable custom. A dummy ticket is a fictitious or simulated flight ticket that... Read More

Can I use dummy ticket for schengen visa l Get At $3/INR200

A dummy ticket can be used to apply for a Schengen visa. It is a recognized and lawful activity. A dummy ticket is a fake or simulated flight reservation that... Read More

Onward Ticket l Get At $3/INR200

A flight reservation or flight itinerary is an alternative name for an onward ticket. The main use of onward tickets is as proof of return and visa submission. It will... Read More

Fake flight ticket l Get At $3/INR200

The fake flight tickets can also be made using Photoshop or any image editor with some extra work. They do not have any PNR code and is not verifiable... Read More

Dummy flight ticket free l Get At $3/INR200

In essence, a dummy flight ticket is an unpaid hold ticket. You can view its live PNR on the airline website by choosing Manage My Booking or Manage My Trip.... Read More

Dummy flight ticket for visa l Get At $3/INR200

Does it require a visa? You are unable to purchase a ticket because you do not have specific travel dates. You can apply for a visa in this case using... Read More