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The production of organic fertilizer still needs to be operated by professional organic fertilizer production line. The chicken manure without fermentation and ripening is used as organic fertilizer after drying,... Read More

The disc granulator machine is powered by a motor, which drives the inclined disc to rotate. The internal scraper prevents the material from sticking to the bottom of the disc.... Read More

Organic fertilizer screening machine is a kind of screening equipment, organic fertilizer screening machine is usually used in various fertilizer production lines, sometimes two sets can be equipped in... Read More

Disc granulator: The raw powder is uniformly wetted by atomized water in the twin-shaft mixer to form a ball core with a very uniform particle size, and then sent to... Read More

Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Supplier.With our great management, potent technical capability and strict excellent handle procedure, we continue on to provide our customers with reputable top quality, reasonable selling prices... Read More

Our product range includes a wide range of 4mm、4.8mm、5.0mm、5.1mm、6.0mm、6.35mm、7.0mm、7.8mm、8.0mm、9.0mm、10.0mm、11mm、12mm prestressed concrete wire, high carbon prestressed concrete wire, prestressed concrete wire and 3 ply pristressed wire. Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Price... Read More

Granulation is the most important link in the organic fertilizer production line. If the organic fertilizer is made into granules, it must be a manure fermentation compost crusher, organic fertilizer... Read More

Judging from the characteristics of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment itself, it has the advantages of low power, quick results, low investment, and good economic benefits. In addition, the granulator... Read More

The allowable moisture value of organic fertilizer crushing machine for biological fermentation organic fertilizer can reach 25-50%, which can shorten the production cycle of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer and... Read More

Green agriculture will promote organic fertilizer production line to process chicken manure and replace chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer For chicken farmers, it is a headache to deal with dirty and... Read More