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Who Is The Best Seller Of Rakhi Online?

Who Is The Best Seller Of Rakhi Online?

Submitted by • July 7, 2017

Children are the easiest people to please. And they are also the ones who give completely honest response to anything they receive. Also, making a promise to the kids and not fulfilling it means that you are in for trouble. Trouble in the way of encountering repeated questions and sad faces. At one time I got into a situation where I was not able to realize my promise due to an injured foot. But then I got to know a way of meeting my promise in the best possible way just by sitting on my bed.
The kids in the picture are my nephew and niece, my brother’s children. Earlier, the most prominent breach of trust happened when I couldn’t give my nephew, Rohit, the birthday gift he asked for. He needed a game, and I was not able to go to a good toy shop to buy an interesting game due to lack of time. Rohit asked me about the game any time the thought crossed his mind and I started to feel ashamed.

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