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What Are the Contentions Over Covaxin’s Efficacy?

What Are the Contentions Over Covaxin’s Efficacy?

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Vexed about Covaxin!

India is prepping for a massive immunization programme across the country after the approval given to Covishield and Covaxin for emergency use. The indigenously-made Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin has raised criticism and questions regarding its efficacy.

Biotech began Phase III trials with 25,800 participants and even though no safety concerns were reported, the trial data remains unpublished. The nature of approval puts in conflict the accelerated approval process against clinical trial mode to monitor potential side-effects.

Depending on scale and employability, India follows a precise procedure before it is adopted for mass use. Given the discovery of new strains of the virus, and the scale of the pandemic the approval to Covaxin may have been granted.

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