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What Affects The Crushing Cost Of The Feed Mill

What Affects The Crushing Cost Of The Feed Mill

Submitted by • July 25, 2019

What affects the crushing cost of the feed mill
According to the survey, many farmers and farms have reported that the crushing cost of feed mills is getting higher and higher. To this end, we will talk about the reasons today. In fact, there are many influencing factors, unreasonable operation and neglect of maintenance and repair, etc., will have a certain impact, and then how to control.
1. Different feed mills should be matched with the corresponding crushing process. Different livestock and poultry require different feed crushing sizes. Therefore, we must use different feed mills and corresponding processes to meet the production requirements. The necessary factors to be considered in the type, in comparison, the professional targeted feed mill crushing process and its equipment is relatively simple, while the integrated feed mill is complex and varied, and numerous equipment;
Second, control the cost of the consumable parts of the feed mill. The hammer and sieve of the feed mill

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