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US Stocks in 2020 and the Prospects for 2021

US Stocks in 2020 and the Prospects for 2021

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Ghosts of stocks past and future!

The 35% shakeout in the S&P 500 back in March became a massive buying opportunity. As the market recovered with the monetary and fiscal stimulus and news of a vaccine emerged, a rotation from Growth to Value stocks was noticed. December saw tech stocks move up.

The vaccine also brought with it news of OPEC agreeing to reduce supply which pushed up oil prices. On the one hand, risk assets generally benefitted and on the other, gold and silver remained range-bound. As time goes, COVID-sensitive stocks may just continue to recover.

As central banks and governments roll out vaccines alongside monetary and fiscal measures for economic recovery, the influence on stocks will be prominent. With high unemployment, liquidity will either be hoarded or moved to the stock market. Overall, even if consumer demand bounces back until mass vaccination takes place, a cautious approach is likely to remain.

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