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Tubes For Hydraulic Cylinder

Tubes For Hydraulic Cylinder

Submitted by • December 1, 2014

Hydraulic cylinder produces linear motion and force by using pressurized hydraulic fluid. Industrial machines powered by these cylinders are able to form metals or other materials at a very high force with a relatively small supply of highly pressurized fluid.
Heavy equipment, such as an excavator, relies on the power of hydraulic fluid. The operator easily controls the pressurized hydraulic fluid with the use of a control valve connected to distributor hoses and tubes. A solenoid valve is the type of valve most commonly used with a hydraulic cylinder as it has a reputation of safety and reliability. Valves not only control the release of fluid in the cylinder, but often mix gases and fluids as well.

Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinder in a car does not connect to a valve as a means of control, but relies on piston-driven hydraulics instead.

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