Top 10-midnight biryani Spots in Chennai

Discover the top 10 midnight biryani spots in Chennai, where late-night cravings meet exquisite flavors. Buhari Hotel and Aasife Biryani lead the pack with their authentic and round-the-clock biryanis. Charminar Biryani offers a spicy kick, while Ya Mohideen Biryani provides a memorable dining experience. Thalappakatti Biryani is renowned for its unique taste, and Ambur Star Biryani serves traditional Ambur-style biryani. Dindigul Thalappakatti impresses with its Dindigul-style variant. Biryani Pot caters to diverse palates with various options, and SS Hyderabad Biryani is famous for its authenticity. Finally, Seena Bhai 1977 Dindigul Biriyani completes the list with its flavorful offering.