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The case for remote working, minus the outbreak

The case for remote working, minus the outbreak

Submitted by • February 20, 2020

Must it take frequent viral epidemics to spur businesses large and small to establish remote-working practices and business continuity plans?

The novel coronavirus outbreak has clearly caught authorities, healthcare providers, businesses, as well as the general public on the back foot. However, countries around Asia, with millions of workers commuting to their workplaces daily, are stepping up efforts to curb the spread and transmission of the virus.

For instance, companies in China—ground zero for the epidemic—have halted operations completely during this period, while other companies like Cathay Pacific have encouraged employees to take unpaid leave. Some businesses have taken on a ‘business-as-usual approach’ with precautions in place, such as in Japan where companies are embarking on nationwide teleworking till the end of February, with some encouraging workers to travel to the office during off-peak hours instead.

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