TaiyangNews Releases TOP SOLAR MODULES Report: A Deep Dive into PV Panel Efficiency Trends

(1888PressRelease) Solar technology news provider TaiyangNews releases its annual TOP SOLAR MODULES REPORT, an Overview of the World’s Highest Efficient Commercial Solar Panels. The best module efficiency reached groundbreaking 24%, up from 22.7% beginning of 2022. The industry’s trend to higher efficient solar panels is reflected in the rise of top products, which nearly tripled to 55 in the past 2 years.

Duesseldorf – TaiyangNews, a leading online news and information technology platform for news on the global solar energy industry, today released its annual TOP SOLAR MODULES report. This “Overview & Analysis of Highest Efficient Commercial Solar Panels” report delves into the critical role efficiency plays in solar panels, analyzing key findings from over 24 monthly online editions published during 2022 and 2023.

"Efficiency is a major factor influencing the performance and economics of solar PV systems," says Shravan Chunduri, Co-Author and Head of Technology at TaiyangNews. "Our latest TOP SOLAR MODULES report provides a detailed picture of the advancements made by the world’s leading manufacturers in pushing the boundaries of solar panel efficiency."

Key Findings:
• Significant Efficiency Gains: The report highlights a notable rise in efficiency, particularly in 2023, with the first module manufacturer cracking the 24% efficiency level for commercial solar panels.
• Cell Technology Advancements: All four major commercially-available solar cell technologies (back contact HJT, TOPCon, and PERC) saw improvements. Back Contact cell-based panels emerged as a standout, improving its top efficiency from 22.7% to an impressive 24%. HJT-based modules also exhibited substantial improvement, surpassing 0.8% absolute, while TOPCon and PERC demonstrated rather steady performance.
• Power Rating Trends: The report also explores the evolution of module power ratings. While the top power range (>600 W) remains stable, the mid-power segment (500 W-600 W) is gaining traction