Revolutionize Physiotherapy with Pheezee: A Wearable Marvel by Startoon Labs

Unlock the future of physiotherapy with Startoon Labs' cutting-edge device, Pheezee. This compact wearable is a game-changer, providing real-time biofeedback of electromyogram (EMG) and range of motion (ROM) during physiotherapy sessions. Wirelessly connecting to Android devices, Pheezee offers therapists detailed progress reports that can be analyzed session by session, week by week, or over an extended period.
Pheezee isn't just versatile; it's a comprehensive tool for assessing spinal cord and upper and lower limb functionality, ensuring real-time monitoring of patient progress. Post-session, Pheezee generates insightful reports for patients, fostering a clear understanding of their recovery journey. Therapists can effortlessly track each patient's progress through the intuitive Pheezee dashboard.
This innovative device utilizes EMG, repetition counting, and ROM metrics to measure muscle response to nerve stimulation. Boasting a 96% accuracy rate confirmed by the Indian Orthopedic Research Group, Pheezee provides precise ROM measurements down to 1 degree.

Experience a myriad of benefits with Pheezee, including biofeedback through muscular contractions, dynamic ROM measurement, session-specific reports, incremental recovery data, goal reminders, and remote monitoring for patients outside the rehabilitation setting. Empower your physiotherapy practice with Pheezee – where technology meets progress.