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Prepossessing Apts. By Grade A Builder & Nice Location

Prepossessing Apts. By Grade A Builder & Nice Location

Submitted by • May 3, 2016

It has got 270 villas now if you say I have pre-launched it or launched it now, whatever I have sold, reducing that if you say I have got a huge inventory that is not right because this has to be sold over three to four years. It cannot be sold in one day. We have done something spectacular. Probably we have sold more than one-third of the stock in the pre-launch itself which tells you the health of the market. This is just on paper, on ground nothing has happened. So really speaking, a lot has been talked about inventory, probably analysts are just adding up all the launches that are happening from all sides in the market and then adding that and saying so many launches have happened, so much of sales have happened, so this much inventory is going to be in the market. Overall I do not think that is any cause for concern Prestige Sunrise Park is an eye-catching 25-acre residential behemoth with benchmarking design, d├ęcor and ambience flanked by Wipro on the one side and Infosys on the

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