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Instructions for Playing Live Baccarat
The goal of Live Baccarat is to pick whether The Player or The Banker will have a hand value closer to 9 and win the bet. The number of decks of 52 cards used in the online variant varies between 6 and 8. Playing with 8 decks is the norm, as it makes it more challenging for skilled card counters to beat the house.

Calculating Hand Values
The value of an ace is one point in this game.
Face value is allocated for cards 2 to 9.
There is no point value assigned to tens and faces.
Each hand's worth is determined by adding the individual card values together. The value of the second digit is assigned to the hand if the addition results in a two-digit number. A hand totaling 13 has a value of 3, for instance.

Dealing The Game
After the initial coin flip, two cards are dealt to the Player and the Banker roles, respectively. Then, the sum total of all hands is determined. When a player's hand total is 8, 9, or "a natural," the game is over. The strength of the starting hand determines whether or not a third card is dealt. In brief, a third card is drawn if the hand's value is between zero and five, according to the rules that govern this situation. No additional cards are dealt if the count is 6 or 7. A tie is declared if the total worth of both players' hands is equal. Most online casino games will restore the initial wagers to the players and declare a Push. The highest-ranking hand triumphs.

Playing Tools
Baccarat Roadmaps, used to keep track of previous hand results, are generated mechanically by the game client. You can hide them from sight if you don't need them.

The payouts at a game of conventional Baccarat are consistent across all tables. Games like bet on baccarat and no commission baccarat are distinct from one another.

The payout for a successful player is 1:1.
There is an inherent advantage for the house, reflected in the payout of 0.95:1 for a Banker win.
Paying no-commission games Even-money banker victory.