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Update your B2B database with ProDatalabs’ Phone Appending Services. Design effective telemarketing campaigns and generate qualified leads. Target the right customers with our Phone Appending Service, connect directly with decision-makers and increase sales. Prospect-Connect-Sales easily.

Get incorrect and dormant phone numbers appended to expand your reach and connect with contacts that convert.

Empower Business, One call at a time

Strategize your telemarketing campaign through Phone Appending. 100% secure GDPR compliant phone numbers, which help you connect with your target audience. Each call counts, make yours generate leads, and increase ROI. We do business, residential, landline, wireless, reverse phone append, published and non-published phone numbers appended.

How does ProDataLabs’ Phone Appending Service work?

We download the client’s customer dataset
Match it with our master database
Remove stale and irrelevant contacts
Consult master database to append data
Tele-verify for validation
Send the appended file in .xls or .csv format

To get the most comprehensive and phone-appended files, all you have to do is send your raw database to us. For queries/assistance/sample database, contact us now at 669-2936020 or drop an email at

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