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Organic Waste – Redefined

Organic Waste – Redefined

Submitted by • September 13, 2018

Organic wastes Converter contain materials which originated from living organisms. There are various types of organic wastes & they can be found in municipal solid waste, industrial solid waste, agricultural waste, & wastewaters. Organic wastes are often disposed of with other wastes in landfills or incinerators but since they are ecological, some organic wastes are advisable for composting & land application. Organic materials found in municipal solid waste include food, paper, wood, sewage sludge & yard waste. Because of current shortages in landfill ability, the number of municipal composting sites for yard wastes is increasing across the nation as is the number of citizens who compost yard wastes in their backyards. On a more limited basis, some mixed municipal waste composting is also taking place. In these systems, attempts to remove inorganic materials are made prior to composting.
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