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New Jordans 10 Double Nickel Complete With His 45 PE

New Jordans 10 Double Nickel Complete With His 45 PE

Submitted by • March 20, 2015

This time around Chef of Gourmet Kickz uses a 30th Anniversary New Jordans 2015 “Teal” as the base and completely repaints the upper in varying degrees of copper oxidation. A copper toecap and tongue along with genuine leather laces and hand wrapped copper wire lace tips accent the remainder of the shoe beautifully. The upper as you can see has a beautiful texture that is reminiscent of an aged sculpture or statue. These are truly a beautiful work of art that Chef is extremely proud of. It is also worth noting that in his 13 years of painting sneakers, this is the first time GourmetKickz has ever customized a Air Jordan 4 silhouette.
Next Thursday will mark the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s legendary Double-Nickel game at Madison Square Garden. The outpouring of 55 points against a formidable and familiar foe in the New York Knicks cemented Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA. The rest had worn off, and he was ready to be considered the best in the game again. In honor of the gam

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