Mit Shah today is CEO of Atlanta-based Noble Investment Group, a multi-million dollar company founded in his lifetime of experience growing up in the
hotel business. It’s a story he shares with many Indian American hoteliers, but he said it’s a story that bears repeating, a story of the American dream.

Shah retells his story here for Asian Hospitality’s Leadership Series, the first episode for 2024. Along with his family history, he also discussed Nobel’s
investment practices, the economy in general and lessons learned from hosting interviews with industry leaders for the Bharat Shah Leadership Speaker Series,
named after his father, at the Hunter Hotel Conference in Atlanta.

“My parents were immigrants to the United States. In the 1960s they came here for a better life and education. As they were doing that, they had friends that
found themselves in this industry and buying small properties throughout the country,” Shah said, adding that his parents bought their first hotel, the Winkler
Motor Inn in Winston Salem, North Carolina in 1979. “I was 10 years old at the time, my younger brother was six years old at the time and that was the family
business, a very common story that we hear throughout our industry. It’s an important story to continue to tell because it’s deeply rooted in the American dream.”