Manzil Centre for Education | Education for Students with Disability | Rehabilitation Centre Dubai

The genesis of Manzil – Children’s rehabilitation center was a non-profit support group called ‘Special Families Support’ which was started by our Director Dr Ayesha Husaini on 9th December, 1999. The group grew to over 200 members and is one of GCC’s oldest non-profit groups focusing on social inclusion of persons with disability.

The support group blossomed into “Manzil”, a special education center that was officially inaugurated on February 7th 2005 by Sheikha Jameela Mohammed Al Qasimi, Director General, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. Meaning “Destination” in Urdu or “Home” in Arabic, Manzil caters to 42 students with cognitive disabilities (from 4 years onwards) with a staff of 27 making it a highly qualitative center with a significantly low student to staff ratio. The average experience of our teaching staff in the disability arena is over 13 years.

Manzil is a non-profit organisation in Dubai which is a children’s rehabilitation centre. We work with professionals that help with the education of children with cognitive disability. If you are looking for special education centres in UAE then Manzil is your go-to. The organization is now spreading its wings further and is crossing international borders, doing inclusion research & consultancy and is also involved as an intellectual partner with Governmental entities.

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