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LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 Performance Review

LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 Performance Review

Submitted by • July 26, 2019 www.

Every once in a while a company comes across our radar that just has it. You know, the design of the product is functional and clean, the technology fits the use, and the target audience just fits. These situations happen more when the owners and designers of said product care — about the shoes, about the consumer, and about themselves. So I put miles on the LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1. Here we go…

The Trainer AD 1 uses what used to be a non-traditional traction pattern but one that is gaining popularity lately. The outsole is a solid piece of rubber covered in raised ovals from heel to toe of various shapes and sizes. The rubber itself isn’t very thick but with the added thickness of the ovals there is some depth to the pattern.

While the traction starts off solid it improves significantly once the surface of the ovals gets a little roughed up. It reminds me of the floor grips you put on the bottom of furniture — weird, I know, but it works the same way. So

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