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Jonathan Merage Acknowledged for His Unique Philanthropy

Jonathan Merage Acknowledged for His Unique Philanthropy

Submitted by • November 28, 2018

In April, Jonathan was featured in the prominent magazine Weatherwise, providing readers with insight into the power, beauty, and excitement of weather. Jonathan was highlighted due to this unique sector of philanthropy focused on severe storm research. When asked how he found such a niche, Jonathan responded, “It’s about having that passion—that fire about a topic and a very genuine, deeply rooted interest to push or promote a specific field that you feel very partial to.” Jonathan knew from an early age that severe storm research and alternative forms of energy were of interest to him, focusing on meteorology in his collegiate studies. However, after completing some coursework at Purdue, Jonathan decided to take a much more hands-on approach to learning. “I just wanted to get out there and chase storms and learn as I went, as I always have.”

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