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India’s First Humanod Robot.

India’s First Humanod Robot.

Submitted by • December 28, 2016

SANDY, the Indian Human Robot:
Sandy was made in India by ‘i-Brain Robotics, and the ‘I Brain’, is customarily one of the first Intelligent and Human Sized Humanoid the world has ever witnessed. And, Sandy happens to be the only one in our country and the maiden one in the Indian Subcontinent. With a 5 feet stature, and a cosmic network of sensory circuits, creation of Sandy is made to meticulously mimic a human camaraderie. It includes the True Emotion Sensory units, also possesses the capability of self-learn because of the neural leaning process and communicate in diverse dialects and the Artificial Intelligence techniques that Sandy is endowed with makes Sandy one’s Best and Most Intellectual Friend that you would want for life.

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