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High-class & Just Remarkably-well Residential Location

High-class & Just Remarkably-well Residential Location

Submitted by • March 4, 2016

Prestige Shantiniketan just means that he has an INTERNAL system developed by HIM and he is following it strictly. If he states that he is outsourcing the professional services, he need not even check whether the service provider is certified. Even if the service provider is certified, is it for the Design too? Check it out. What type of audits is done by Government Authority before issuing occupancy certificate? The Land Document needs to be perfect, The Zone of construction, (Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, etc.) should not be violated. If any conversion is required, it needs to applied for and done. The plans need to be approved for single site or layout. Prestige group Of the 3,002 apartments, 600 units have been handed over, and 300 homes are occupied. Being a high-end resident society, apartments cost a bit high at Prestige Shantiniketan. Prices of 2bedroom flats start from Rs 63 laky while those of 3bedroom ones begin at Rs 81 laky.

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