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heavy copper pcb

heavy copper pcb

Submitted by • October 31, 2020

Heavy copper pcb and extreme copper pcb are being used by more and more power electronic products. Most commercial PCBs are manufactured for low voltage / low power applications, with copper weights ranging from 1 / 2 oz / ft2 to 3 oz / ft2 for copper routing / planar applications. Heavy copper circuits are manufactured with copper weights between 4 oz / ft2 and 20 oz / ft2. Copper weighing more than 20 oz / ft2 to up to 200 oz / ft2 is also possible, known as extreme copper. Our discussion will focus mainly on heavy copper.Standard printed circit boards, whether double-sided or multilayer, are manufactured by a combination of copper etching and electroplating processes. The circuit layer starts with a thin copper foil (usually 0.5 oz / ft2 to 2 oz / ft2), then etched to remove excess copper, and then plated to increase the copper thickness for flat, wire, pad, and plated through holes. All circuits are laminated into a complete package using an epoxy based substrate such as FR4 or polyimide.

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