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Finest & Acute &   innovative Site plan

Finest & Acute & innovative Site plan

Submitted by • March 8, 2016

He was as well as a mean, petty racist with a paranoid streak so wide it would make Joseph Stalin blush. It easy to chalk up the initial racism at Augusta National to the mores of the American Southeast at the time, but the fact is that by and large, the majority of founding members were Roberts people businessmen from the northeast they’re the ones who brought in local black boys on weekend nights, blindfolded them, and had them beat the shit out of one another inside the confines of boxing ring. The ghostly shadow of this strange man hangs over Augusta still. The Masters has come into the modern age slowly and reluctantly at every step, illustrated most famously when they decided to run the tournament commercial free in 2003 rather than cave to protesters and allow a woman to join the club. It wasn’t until 2012 when Condi Rice and a South Carolina businesswoman named Darla Moore accepted membership. In fact, they never welcomed television with open arms in the first place.

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