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Expovan | Indian Vanilla Initiative

Expovan | Indian Vanilla Initiative

Submitted by • November 30, 2018

Expovan, a company based in Pollachi, has redefined how Indian and international customers perceive and use vanilla. They offer Vanilla cultivation expertise to the Grower, with a guarantee of 100 % buyback of Green Vanilla, which is to be processed and marketed worldwide under the name Indian Vanilla Initiative.The brains behind this is Dr.R.Mahendran, the founder and CEO of Expovan, who has one view which is to increase sustainable cultivation of vanilla in India to a significant level. And he has succeeded in commencing just that by launching the brand Goodness Vanilla under his company Expovan, with the motto Indian Vanilla for the Indian consumer industry.His success in Vanilla has led to major consumer companies in Vanilla in the West to want to guarantee the long-term supply chain in vanilla of major volumes through him, what he now terms as an Opportunity of Vanilla in India, for both the growers and the end users.Whats more, is that the company also supports small farming oper

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