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Explain What Engineering Management

Submitted by • January 16, 2019

1. Explain what engineering management is. What skills an engineer manager needs to succeed in the new millennium? Include References.
2. What was the positive value of Max Weber's model of "bureaucracy"? Include references.
3. For what types of employees or positions do you think management by objectives (MBO) should prove particularly effective? Ineffective? Include References
4. Explain the difference between "optimizing" and "sufficing" in making decisions, and distinguish between routine and non-routine decisions. Include References.
5. Herzberg specifically classed salary as a hygiene factor, not a motivator. How does salary fit in with Maslow’s hierarchy? Discuss how these two statements relate. Include References.
6. Two products are to be manufactured. A single unit of product A requires 2.4 minutes of punch press time and 5.0 minutes of assembly time. The profit for product A is $0.60 per unit. A single unit product B requires 3.0 minutes of punch press ti

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