OCR Services
OCR and ICR Scanning Services
We offer wide range of OCR services to meet all your business requirements with comprehensive solutions
Accurate, faster and efficient data entry in the format that is machine readable is important for organizations for proficient handling of services.
This calls for the need of outsourcing OCR & ICR services which is cost effective and provide experts services for OCR requirements.
Latest technology is used for storing the file in electronic format with zero errors in data entry. This will provide businesses with cost effective solution for getting user friendly data unified flawlessly by experts.
While saving almost 60% of the operational costs, businesses receive the services of easy handing of huge amount of data in proper structured format.
Evertech BPO services is there as your perfect outsourcing partner that set you free from data workload. By outsourcing your OCR Scanning & ICR Services to us, you can stay assured of receiving high quality and profitable results.
Our professionals make use of the latest technologies so that you can receive on time and accurate delivery of your projects.
We understand the importance of data accuracy and confidentiality. Our stringent quality control measures and data security protocols guarantee that your information remains secure throughout the scanning and recognition process.
Choose Evertech BPO for OCR and ICR Scanning Services that deliver accurate and efficient data conversion solutions.
Our commitment to excellence ensures that your data is transformed into a valuable asset, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive in your industry.
Your journey to seamless data recognition begins here, with us as your trusted partner
ICR Services
Our Services
At Evertech BPO, we offer below listed OCR and ICR Scanning Services such as: –
• OCR MICR code entry
• Barcode recognition
• Proofreading Services
• Receipt/Bills Scanning
• Internet publishing OCR
• Image and Indexing Scanning
• Zone OCR/Zonal OCR Services
• CD-ROM Cataloging and Publishing
• OCR for typewritten text document
• OCR scanning Microfilm & Microfiche
• Indexing and converting the documents
• Books, magazines and newspaper scanning
• OCR Handwritten and printed text document
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Cleanup
• Conversion of scanned images data into digital text files
• Directories, Manuscripts, Journals and Periodicals Scanning
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