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Education – Personal Selling

Education – Personal Selling

Submitted by • March 26, 2020

Education – Personal Selling
The sales representatives or salesperson make up an organization’s sales force. They act as the face of the company and interact directly with customers or prospects – potential customers – to make sales and build long-term relationships.
The sales force can include inside salespeople, who conduct business from their offices and field salespeople or travelling salespeople, who call on customers (visit them). The inside sales team usually build the target list of customers.
Sales Process
The sales process helps the sales force convert leads into signed deals (change prospective customers to actual customers).
1. Prospecting and qualifying. Salespeople prospect (or look for) new clients. New leads are generated by making cold calls, calling potential customers from a list, or by asking current customers for referrals. The best leads are then identified, or qualified.

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