Dental models | Ackuretta – Dental 3d printing materials

3d printers price : When you look at a 3D printer’s price, We believe you should also consider the money you will save when you make your prototypes yourself.
Printers technology: Our 3D Printer’s technology is incredibly sophisticated, but we made sure our software is very user-friendly to make up for that.
Dental 3d printers – Our Dental 3D printers are ideal for saving the time and money a dentist would normally spend commissioning models or prosthetics.
Dental models – Modern dental models are made easily and in no time with our 3D printing technology. Our 3D Printers also have a great attention to detail.
Die materials in dentistry: The die materials in dentistry are gypsum, silicone, and other inert materials. Our dental 3D Printers can use the same materials as well.

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