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The dental platform designed for patients.

AirSmile is a new and innovative digital marketplace, on a mission to deliver greater control and transparency that will increase access to dental care and break down confusing barriers causing over half of our population (51.2%) to avoid seeing a dentist, often for years at a time.

For the dental patients, AirSmile brings newfound freedom of choice and transparency with the aim to find a dentist that meets a person’s specific needs and values. On AirSmile, you can search and compare dentists by practice reputation within the community, in-house services on offer, availability of appointments, and total price for a previously suggested treatment plan or new patient consultation. This is a ground-breaking opportunity for the Australian people to open the door to gain clarity and confidence in finding a dentist they love and align with.

AirSmile invites you to DOWNLOAD AND USE THE AIRSMILE PLATFORM FOR FREE and take control over managing your oral health care digitally.

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