Couples counselling and Addiction, everything you need to know

Your Story Counselling offers Individual, Couples, & Family Counselling for a variety of needs. All our clinicians hold a masters level training and more in Psychotherapy and utilize evidence-based practices and approaches. Our Therapist Intern clinic offers low cost and affordable therapy options. All Therapist Interns are master’s levels students supervised by a Registered Psychotherapist.
Couples counselling is a kind of treatment in which both spouses meet with the same therapist together for psychotherapy. Couples counselling aims to resolve difficulties in the relationship which can include issues arising from an addiction or drug use problem that one or both partners have. Couples therapy may be utilized for a variety of situations and can still be beneficial when couples are in extreme conflict or contemplating divorce. Even in situations where a couple is uncertain of their future and contemplating separation or divorce, counselling can still provide enormous benefits in aiding you with feeling confident with your ultimate decision.

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