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RUST-X is the market leader of Corrosion Prevention Solution Globally & manufacturing over to products in manufacturing locations in the USA, France, Italy, India and China making it a global brand with partners in over 45 countries. Rust-X caters to over 10,000 customers with a presence in all major industrial cities of the world making it possible for the client to utilize our services and use one standard range globally.

The group is in existence for more than 38 years. Hi-Tech is the fastest-growing Rust Preventives manufacturer in the Indian industry with growth rates of more than 44% year on year for the last 4 years.

Our solutions work for the customer in the first recommendation which is due to our technical knowledge and experience.

Rust-X is the only vertically integrated VCI manufacturer in the industry with in-house manufacturing of chemicals, masterbatch, films, papers, desiccants, oils and foils. This gives the customer an advantage to rely on Rust-X complete packaging solution ensuring them to Rest Without Rust.

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