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Choosing The End Type Of Your Coil Spring Can Be Critical

Choosing The End Type Of Your Coil Spring Can Be Critical

Submitted by • March 14, 2015

-Closed and Square Ends:

Most cost-effective and frequently used type of coil spring ends. Unless your coil compression spring needs to meet certain demands like having a shorter solid height, closed and squared ends are the leading option. In most cases closed and squared ends will stand upright.

-Closed and Ground Ends:

Extra manufacturing labor is needed so this type of ends is not so cost-effective but it is also a frequently used type of coil compression spring end. It gives your coil spring more balance by helping it stand upright on a flat top. This type of ends will be beneficial in case your spring is too long in relevance with its outer diameter.

-Double Closed Ends:

Double closed ends are basically closed ends with another closed coil added to them. These are also used to provide balance with springs that have large outer diameters and smaller wire diameters so the spring ends don’t protrude on top of each other when compressed. Double closed ends are more cos

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