Chemical Laboratory in New Jersey | Best Chemical Laboratory in New Jersey

Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Strict testing is carried out by chemical laboratory in New Jersey to ensure the security, excellence, and purity of pharmaceutical items. They follow legal requirements and use techniques like spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and chromatography to make sure pharmaceutical products fulfil strict requirements.

Forensic Science Analysis: Using cutting-edge techniques like mass spectrometry and chromatography, chemical analysis labs support forensic investigations by analysing toxins, drugs, biological samples, and other materials. These studies give law enforcement agencies vital information they need to solve crimes.

Custom Research and Identification: Chemical identification, deformulation, failure analysis, and inspection are among the services provided by labs for custom research. They analyse solid, liquid, and gas chemicals for diverse businesses using a variety of techniques like microscopy, chromatography, spectroscopy, and wet chemistry.

Microbiological Testing: Labs perform microbiological testing in addition to chemical analysis to evaluate non-sterile raw materials for endotoxins, pathogen presence, sterility, and antimicrobial efficacy, among other characteristics. In sectors like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, this testing guarantees adherence to legal criteria.