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Adhering to complex and evolving transportation regulations, coordinating transportation across different channels, lack of optimization, and risk of theft or damage during transportation can pose significant challenges for companies. Having a transport management solution helps in addressing the challenges faced by companies in transportation management. VTMS software can analyze data, including traffic patterns and real-time information, to optimize routes. In addition to the above, such a tool comes with a wide range of other features to make the entire fleet management system seamless. However, selecting the perfect tool for your business can be confusing because each one comes with its unique features. In this guide, we have shortlisted some of the best fleet management solutions available in India to make the selection process easier. A Fleet Management Solution (FMS), also called a Transport Management Solution (VTMS) is a carefully designed software to help organizations manage & optimize their fleet operations. This solution typically involves the use of software, hardware, and other technologies to monitor, control, and streamline various aspects of fleet management. Using this software, you can get end-to-end fleet tracking in real-time, ensure route optimisation get alerts on speed, location, trip history, fuel analytics, driver behavior analysis, idling time, get reports and analytics for efficient fleet management, and better decision-making, and more.