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Benefits And Limitations Of Encrypting Your Phone Calls

Benefits And Limitations Of Encrypting Your Phone Calls

Submitted by • February 13, 2020

ByGuest Author on JANUARY 3, 2020

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Secure phone lines with advanced encryption at your business can bring you a lot of benefits, but there are also a few trade offs you might not be aware of.

Encrypting phone lines is a common security practice among companies of a number of industries, especially those that handle sensitive client information on a daily basis. It helps organizations remain compliant with industry standards on personal information handling.

So how do you go about encrypting your calls? Encryption of phone calls may be easier than you expect. However, it’s often limited in scope.

Business Phone System developer VirtualPBX, author of the post, aims to offer an introduction to the way a phone system is structured and the reality of data encryption in the voice channel, including its benefits and limitations.

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