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Breed Standard & History
Beauceron puppies for sale are substantial dogs who are athletic and muscular, and show no indication of clumsiness. Their medium frames are well balanced. The breed's gait is powerful, with the effortless movements needed to circle the herd and cover great distances every day. The Beauceron carries his head with pride on a muscular neck, and surveys his territory with a frank, watchful, and self-assured expression. When in motion, the head drops to the level of the back, as in most herding dogs. The Beauceron's slightly oval eyes are dark brown. Beaucerons are courageous and observant, but never aggressive unless given just cause.
Beaucerons developed in France during the Middle Ages to help farmers protect and herd their vast flocks of sheep and livestock. They draw their name from La Beauce, the vast agricultural plains between the Seine and the Loire Rivers. Beaucerons are closely related to the Briard and indeed were considered the same dog until they were separated in 1896 to distinguish the long-haired from the short-haired variety of the breed—Beaucerons are short coated while Briards sport long coats. The powerful Beauceron works far back from the flock and is known as a gentle herder who doesn't scare livestock. The courageous and intelligent breed was enlisted for military and police work in World War I and has continued in those capacities. The American Kennel Club recognized the Beauceron in 2007.