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"Enhance Your Internet Experience with Our Top-Quality FTTH Products

UBIQCOM is a top-notch firm engaged in offering cutting-edge FTTH solutions to the home and enterprises. Leveraging on its goodwill for offering top-notch products and solutions; it cherishes a huge... Read More

EPON OLTs provide advanced features such as traffic shaping, VLAN support, and bandwidth allocation, EPON OLTs are a powerful tool for network operators and service providers. EPON OLTs provide a... Read More

Ubiqcom EPON OLT for delivering high-speed internet to devices.

We are manufacturing and delivering the EPON OLT that is capable of providing internet connection to a large number of devices at a very high speed with the help of... Read More

UB5021 GVW-D dual-band Wi-Fi router features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure an excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services. It fully meets the ITU-T technical standards and is... Read More