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The Monkey Spikes/Car Gaurd come to your rescue by preventing monkeys from resting or landing on the most vulnerable surfaces, such as tank top, AC units, cable dish, gazebos and... Read More

Bird Spikes for Window AC or Split AC is a device that protects the AC units from birds’ droppings. Bird guard is easy to install and safe to use.... Read More

Installing the anti-bird net is an ideal solution to keep the birds at bay. You can install an anti-bird net anywhere - plants, warehouses and in the balcony. The bird... Read More

A bird diverter is a device which alerts avian species about the presnce of power lines so that they can avoid colliding into power lines and it protects overhead wires... Read More

Vision Engineering has specialization in developing Bird Diverter or Bird Flight Diverter which helps protecting birds from any risk or threat related to power and transmission lines. This device also... Read More