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M.Com Banking and Finance Distance Education

Mangalayatan University Online presents an enriching opportunity for aspiring finance professionals to delve into the intricate world of banking and finance through our comprehensive M.Com Distance Education program. Designed to... Read More

Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication

Our Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication encompasses a modern and diverse curriculum designed to meet industry standards. Students delve into a wide array of subjects, including media ethics,... Read More

Online Masters Degree Public Administration

An online Master of Public Administration program may be offered by Mangalayatan University, which is renowned for its dedication to high-quality education, to aspirants who want to work in public... Read More

Bachelor of Computer Application

A Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a comprehensive undergraduate program that focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, software development, programming languages, and computer applications. This three-year degree equips... Read More

Master of arts Journalism and Mass Communication

The Master of Arts program in Journalism and Mass Communication at Mangalayatan University Online is designed to nurture individuals who aspire to excel in the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of... Read More