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A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier is essentially a laser diode (LD) with no feedback from its input and output ports and hence is also referred to as a Traveling-Wave Amplifier (TWA).... Read More

InPhenix offers a broad range of products and services for Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems. Lidar laser is basically a Light detection and ranging system. It is useful in various... Read More

Inphenix’s DFB laser has a simple and low-cost fabrication process and has many advantages, such as a very high side mode suppression ratio, stable operation over a broad temperature range,... Read More

A broadband light source, also known as a superluminescent source, is a superluminescent diode that is perfect for OEM integration. Broadband light sources are utilized for ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography, passive... Read More

VCSEL is one such laser that is largely used in various industrial and military applications. Individual VCSEL emitters are very small, typically around 10 microns in diameter, but collectively generate... Read More

Lidar laser is basically a Light detection and ranging system. It is useful in various applications such as Climate change mitigation, Augmented reality (AR), Autonomous vehicle industry & Archaeological study. Lidar... Read More

A DFB laser is a type of diode laser that generates resonance and oscillation in the cavity using diffraction gratings rather than mirrors. The laser’s purpose is to sharpen the... Read More

A broadband light source is a device that is used for multi-wavelength tests and measurements of wavelength-division-multiplexing components. These light sources use the amplified spontaneous emission of diode-pumped, erbium-doped fibers. Most... Read More

A superluminescent diodes for optical coherence tomography emits low coherence but high brightness light. Superluminescent diode is applied in smooth and high intensity broadband optical spectrum. They don't have built-in... Read More

A VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) is a surface-emitting semiconductor light source which emits laser beams in a direction perpendicular to it’s top surface. Compared to conventional edge-emitting light diodes,... Read More