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There is a range of blouses, shirts, tank tops, dresses, and sleepwear developed exclusively for breastfeeding parents, ranging from casual wear to professional attire and even formal clothing. Breastfeeding clothing... Read More

precious bonding without disturbing your fashion. At Close to the Heart, we provide stylish and comfy breastfeeding clothes in NZ, for practical but highly fashionable mothers. Purchase a perfect dress... Read More

Breastfeeding in public places can be a bit uneasy and awkward for some women since you might find people staring at you. You might also feel exposed when nursing your... Read More

Breastfeeding Tops NZ | Close to the Heart

Flab mom to Fab, mom! Thanks to those perfect tops that fit seamlessly and allow mothers to breastfeed tots with ease. Enjoy the bonding with your baby without disturbing your... Read More