911 Restoration of Central Arkansas

Water damage can be some of the most devastating burdens to a property owner in the United States. Although it’s considered a major disaster, it can start through a variety of ways. For example, did you know, water that has a high content of magnesium and calcium can be very harmful to pipes? These elements slow the flow of water down which leads to corrosion. Eventually, holes start to form and you end up with a burst pipe.

911 Restoration Water Damage Central Arkansas

In these winter months, colder temperatures can also lead to disasters in your home or business. Freezing temperatures can potentially cause you to have frozen pipes. If your pipe lines are not well maintained, the moisture from the water in a frozen pipe will expand and create a pipe burst. Once this happens the floodgates are open. Flooding brings immediate damage to your residence or business and create health problems such as mold infestation. In addition, the longer a flooded basement or a flooded house is left ignored, the more damage it causes to the property.

There may be other instances where rainwater leaked into your house, causing a house flood. The Little Rock unit will arrive quickly and begin emergency water damage restoration, turning your property back into a clean, dry home again.

The water damage restoration team is trained to provide leak and flood repair work to both residential and commercial properties, so give us a call the moment you discover any signs of 911 water restoration in your property.