27th Annual Brahmotsava – 21 Apr – 3 May 2024

Sri Brahmotsava is an annual festival celebrated for 12 days in the month of Chaitra (April – May) to commemorate the appearance of the Supreme Lord in a Deity form on Hare Krishna Hill to receive the services of His devotees. In 1997, the Supreme Lord descended on Hare Krishna Hill to bestow His mercy upon us, and this occasion is celebrated as Brahmotsava. This year will be the 27th annual Brahmotsava of Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra.

The Lord cannot be perceived through our physical senses as He possesses a spiritual form of sat-cit-ananda (eternity, knowledge and bliss). In order to perceive the Lord’s spiritual form, we must be situated on a pure spiritual platform free from all material contaminations of the three gunas (sattva, raja, tamo). Currently, we may still be possessing material impurities. Still, we have the opportunity to serve the Lord in His Deity form and purify ourselves to develop devotion to the Supreme Lord.