16mo3 Plates in mumbai and in thane

16Mo3 Sheets are used as wieldable steel in present day boilers and steel pressurized vessels found in a general sense in the blend and oil adventures and are broadly used to perform and pass on limits at high temperatures dependably. 16Mo3 Plates are chrome-molybdenum based steel plates which have the limit of insurance from the gleam and has utilization safe features Android used predominantly in boilers with lifted temperatures.

16Mo3 Hot Rolled Sheets and Plates are the unimaginably heat-safe varieties of Sheets and plates open in ASTM apportions and made primarily of molybdenum and manganese and chromium. 16Mo3 Cold Rolled Sheets and Plates are high cold and disintegration resistance in view of the abnormal state of chromium and molybdenum in its blend sythesis. The 16mo3 substance structure has high weldability and extraordinary infection confining properties and applied in pipe moving hot liquids.